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Is garden marquee hire in Aust available during winter?

Yes, the experts supply garden marquee hire in Aust and Gloucestershire all year round.

During the cooler, heating options and hard flooring can be supplied, to ensure the marquee is warm and comfortable for guests.

Are Aust garden marquees suitable for small parties?

The team can supply a wide range of garden marquees in differing sizes. So if you require a small garden marquee in Aust to fit a compact area, this can be arranged by the marquee hire providers.

How much does garden marquee hire in Aust and Gloucestershire cost?

The cost of garden marquee hire Aust is determined by the with and length of the garden marquee, if seating is necessary and if any extras such as lighting, heating are required.

The marquee hire suppliers always aim to provide a competitive service.

Can garden marquees in Aust be opened up during the summer?

In most cases this is possible for garden marquees (subject to internal decorations).

If this is a requirement for garden marquee hire Aust, please mention it on the form and the professionals can set you up marquee so it won't hinder guests.

Garden Marquees For Hire Aust

Aust Garden Marquee Hire Services

If you are hosting an event at your home or at a venue with some space outside, garden marquee hire in Aust is the ideal option for you.

The team can provide a vast range of garden marquees in Aust and Gloucestershire of varying sizes, and may also supply additional extras, such as decorative features, lighting and dance floors.

You may anticipate an attentive and personalised service which offers you with the ideal garden marquee in Aust to address your precise needs and theme of the function.

Garden marquee hire Aust is a very popular option during the spring and summer months, early booking is thus important, especially if you have a specific date in mind.

Enquiries for Garden Marquee Hire Aust

If you would like to speak to a professional regarding garden marquee hire in Aust and Gloucestershire, please fill in the online form provided. Please that include your contact information, area and the approximate number of guests attending, as this will allow the staff to reply to your enquiry promptly.

Garden Marquee Hire Aust

Garden Party Marquee Hire in Aust

Garden Marquee Hire in Aust For Your Event

The specialists supply garden marquee hire in Aust and Gloucestershire, to suit events of all styles and sizes.

From small private parties to large formal functions, the marquee hire providers may oversee the design and installation of garden marquees in Aust at homes and other venues.

Along with garden marquee hire in Aust, the following additions may often be supplied:

• Bars and stages
• Flooring and dance floors
• Decorative linings
• Heating options
• Decorative linings
• Chairs and tables
• Lighting options

Whatever the theme or occasion, the staff will be delighted to advise you on the ideal options for your event. At we understand that arranging an event may be stressful, and the marquee hire providers aim to provide a customer focused and friendly service.

Garden marquee hire in Aust is ideal for a vast range of occasions, including parties at home, weddings, and business events. The staff supply garden marquee hire in Aust and Gloucestershire during all seasons, and may supply hard flooring and heating options for the winter months.

Book a Garden Marquee in Aust

To request more information about garden marquee hire in Aust, please fill in the enquiry form provided, including the following:

• Your contact details
• The event location
• An approximate number of guests

The staff aim to process all Aust garden marquee hire enquiries as promptly as possible by telephone or email.

Recent Enquires

good evening, I would like to enquire about a simple marquee with walls either 3x4 or 3x6 for a small birthday party for my partner next month. we will be 6 in total (lockdown rules) and I plan on hooking up a projector to create a garden cinema experience. would you be able to quote me a price, please? i`ve looked around and so far it seems that it may be cheaper for me to buy a marquee outright than rent one for an evening, but i`m hoping you`re able to prove my theory wrong.many thanks for your time!ryan


kirkby small garden 29th march approx 30 guests


hi we are having an 80th birthday on 24th july and would like a garden marquee incase the weather isn`t good. would if possible to have 4mtr x 7mtr or 4 x 8 with the one side being on the garden which is higher than the patio by 40cm. the other side of the marque would go against the wall and would need to go above the patio door to the floor which is x mtr we would also like some tables and chairs if possible we are thinking 4 round tables, not big which you could get 5-6 chairs round cosy. then if you do it a bar which would be 2mtr and and a couple of stools


garden in surbiton70 x guest april12-04-2022 to 17-04-2022


hi, looking for a quote please for a garden marquee to hold 22 people for a meal on 15 may.


we are looking for something in our garden for our daughters 21st about 60 guests we were looking for something to go on back of house - thank you


hi there - it`s our son`s 1st birthday in late april and we are having a family get together on 27th april x we have a small garden, but i`m a little worried about the weather. also, the garden is on a slight slope and we have a concrete area that steps down to the garden, so we are not really sure what the options are. thanks, dan.


ixxworth, rear garden for 70th birthday party 14th.march for aprox 38 guests, no seating be situated at rear of house on patio, possible floor, with lighting and heating


walsall, ws2 7bw back of garden for my graduation party.. 60 guests just close family date is to be confirmed but its in november 2020.. I would like the marquee, tables


garden, 26-09-2020, and 30 guests


leigh on sea - back garden 2nd march 60 guests ish


10 thetford redcar,my garden for wedding reception7 x 7.5m garden 35 approx guests