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Is garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury suitable during winter?

Yes, the experts supply garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury and Dorset all year round.

During the cooler, heating options and hard flooring can be supplied, to ensure the marquee is warm and comfortable for guests.

Are Shaftesbury garden marquees suitable for small locations?

The team can supply a wide range of garden marquees in differing sizes. So if you require a small garden marquee in Shaftesbury to fit a compact space, this can be arranged by the marquee hire providers.

How much does garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury and Dorset cost?

The cost of garden marquee hire Shaftesbury is determined by the with and length of the garden marquee, if seating is necessary and if any extras such as lighting, heating are needed.

The marquee hire providers always aim to provide a competitive service.

Can garden marquees in Shaftesbury be opened up during the summer?

In most cases this is possible for garden marquees (subject to interior decorations).

If this is a requirement for garden marquee hire Shaftesbury, please mention it on the form and the professionals can set you up marquee so it won't hinder guests.

Garden Marquees For Hire Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury Garden Marquee Hire Services

If you are hosting an event at your home or at a venue with some space outside, garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury is the ideal option for you.

The team can provide a vast range of garden marquees in Shaftesbury and Dorset of various sizes, and can also supply additional extras, such as decorative features, lighting and dance floors.

You can expect an attentive and personalised service which offers you with the ideal garden marquee in Shaftesbury to address your precise needs and theme of the function.

Garden marquee hire Shaftesbury is a very popular option during the spring and summer months, early booking is thus important, especially if you have a specific date in mind.

Enquiries for Garden Marquee Hire Shaftesbury

If you would like to speak to a professional regarding garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury and Dorset, please fill in the online form provided. Please include your contact details, area and the approximate number of guests attending, as this will allow the staff to reply to your enquiry promptly.

Garden Marquee Hire Shaftesbury

Garden Party Marquee Hire in Shaftesbury

Garden Marquee Hire in Shaftesbury For Your Event

The specialists supply garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury and Dorset, to cater for events of all styles and sizes.

From small private parties to large corporate functions, the marquee hire providers may oversee the design and installation of garden marquees in Shaftesbury at homes and other locations.

Along with garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury, the following additions may usually be provided:

• Bars and stages
• Flooring and dance floors
• Decorative linings
• Heating options
• Decorative linings
• Chairs and tables
• Lighting options

Whatever the style of the occasion, the staff will be delighted to advise you on the ideal options for your event. At we understand that arranging an event may be stressful, and the marquee hire providers aim to provide a client focused and friendly service.

Garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury is ideal for a range of occasions, including parties at your own home, weddings, and business events. The staff supply garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury and Dorset during all seasons, and may supply hard flooring and heating options for the winter months.

Book a Garden Marquee in Shaftesbury

To request more information about garden marquee hire in Shaftesbury, please fill in the enquiry form provided, including the following:

• Your contact details
• The event location
• An approximate number of guests

The staff aim to process all Shaftesbury garden marquee hire enquiries as promptly as possible by telephone or email.

Recent Enquires

hi looking to book a marquee for my garden for august 15th not sure on the amount of guests as of yet but won`t be more than 50.. looking to have some seats and a buffet table but want room for people to dance too.. if you can contact me via email with quote that would be great thankyou


location: my gardendate: 25th julyno of guests: 30


garden marquee 10th august, around x people please


garden | 20th october x | 50 people


at home, garden event for 60 adults.


on 6th nov x saturday from 7-11 pm - in the garden for about 25/30 people, looking for marquee of 6x4 m with flooring, small dance flooring, lights, heater- will spill over from house. please let me know costs. thanks


about 20 guests for a garden marque...looking for prices please, thanks


we would need a small garden marquee to extend space on 18th of september. party would be 30 people but we will have other space so wouldn`t need to fit all 30


garden 24 dec 15


hello! how much would a garden marquee be for a garden party? the kids width of our garden is 7 metres.


garden22 july30 people


saturday 24th februarymarquee only needed for about 20ish guests (maybe less) as it`s in the garden and most people will be inside. require some sort of hearing/lighting if available. located in tooting bec.