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Can our wedding marquee in Uckfield be decorated to suit a theme?

The professionals supply bespoke wedding marquees for Uckfield. This can include an interior to complement your theme or colour scheme.

There are a wide range of design options available to choose from, including both decorative and practical aspects, such as lighting, flooring and seating.

Is wedding marquee hire in Uckfield available during the winter months?

Wedding marquees are available all year round. During the winter months, you may need to consider factors such as insulated flooring and heating, to ensure your guests are comfortable.

The specialists will be happy to advise you on the various options available for wedding marquee hire in Uckfield.

How competitively priced is wedding marquee hire East Sussex?

The exact cost of wedding marquee hire in Uckfield will be priced according to a variety of factors, including the total number of guests, flooring and dance floor and lighting options alongside the provision of a generator or a catering tent.

The staff always aim to offer an affordable and bespoke wedding marquee hire service in East Sussex.

Please contact the dedicated team today, and they will be happy to provide you with details of the various options that are within your budget.

How much floor space will I require for wedding marquee hire East Sussex?

The team can provide an accurate quote on your wedding marquee hire requirements in Uckfield based upon the total number of guests attending and whether they are standing or seating for the event.

Wedding Marquees For Hire Uckfield

Beautiful Wedding Marquees in Uckfield

At we understand how important the big day is everyone involved, and aim to provide the happy couple with their dream wedding.

We can connect you with event specialists whose services include wedding marquee hire in Uckfield and East Sussex. They have extensive experience of overseeing all aspects of wedding marquee hire in Uckfield, and can help ensure your day goes smoothly.

The professionals offer a bespoke service for wedding marquee hire in Uckfield - so you can rest assured that your individual tastes will be catered for.

Whether you envisage an elegant and understated look or have a eye catching and unusual theme, with a wide range of luxury interiors available and experienced specialists on hand, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Hire a Wedding Marquee in Uckfield

For further information on wedding marquee hire in Uckfield, get in contact with the marquee hire providers today. Please send in the online enquiry form provided, and the team will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Hire a wedding marquee in Uckfield

Bespoke Wedding Marquee Hire East Sussex

Your Stylish Marquee Wedding Uckfield

Your wedding day should be perfect - from the vows to the catering, every aspect should be suited to your tastes. We provide bespoke wedding marquee hire in Uckfield and East Sussex, to cater for all wedding party sizes.

Get the truly personal touch with a wedding marquee designed to suit you. From opulent luxury and classic chic, to the wacky and wonderful - whatever you're wishing for, we can help.

The service for wedding marquee hire in Uckfield can include:

• Decorative coloured linings
• Heating for the cooler months
• Bars and catering areas
• A range of dance floors
• Varied lighting options
• Dining chairs and tables
• A stage for the DJ or band
• Flooring (carpet, matting or wood)

Factors for Consideration

When arranging wedding marquee hire for Uckfield, its ideal to consider all the options. Some important questions to ask include:

• How many guests are you having?
• Would you like a sit down meal?
• Is the marquee going to need a bar and a dance floor?
• Will you go for simple elegance or is spectacular more your style?

Take the time to consider all your requirements with the help of

They have extensive experience of overseeing the design and installation of wedding marquees in Uckfield, and will be happy to advise you on the best options for your day.

Arrange Your Wedding Marquee Hire in Uckfield

To make your enquiry today regarding wedding marquee hire in Uckfield, please complete the online form and a team member will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

Whatever you envisage, they will do their best to accommodate your needs. With bespoke wedding marquee hire in Uckfield you can feel confident that you will receive a personalised and dedicated service, to help your special day go without a hitch.

Recent Enquires

hi, we have booked trevor hall in llangollen for our wedding on saturday 28th july x and because we are looking at a reception for around x people we will need a marquee for the lawn. I would be grateful if you could send me your price list or give me a quote for a marquee, tables, chairs, toilets, dancefloor etc. for that weekend to cater for x people plus space for a dance floor. we are particularly interested in a marquee with panoramic windows to take in the lovely views! please could you also confirm whether you have availability for that weekend? we are hiring trevor hall from wednesday 25th to monday 30th july 2018.many thanks,lucy


hi, I am looking for a quote with regards to a wedding marquee. the location is on a green within the town of holton st mary on the date 17.07.2021. there will be an estimate of x guests alongside some casks and kegs provided by us for the wedding party only etc. I am only looking for a quote for the marque stage and finally chairs and tables etc. please could you email me back with your options. many thanks, danielle ayling


no set date however considering july/august with 32 people present including bride and groom, with the marquee going up in our garden. we would have caterers who will base themselves in the garage. the marquee would really need to have space for 32 people to sit down and have a meal, a very small dance floor! enough space for a small bar area. flooring and a heating system in place incase its cold would be required. an estimated quote would be fantastic I look forward to hearing from you


hoping to hold a small wedding ceremony for no more than 30 guests on the grass outside broughty castle. yet to hear from anyone at the council about permission etc, but it would be april 5th so we`d like a basic canopy cover to protect us from potential rain. hoping to seat guests on benches with a central aisle and a wooden arch at the top of the aisle for the ceremony to take place. I have no idea what size/ floor space we would need for this. probably 5 rows of benches plus the space at the front. we`re trying to keep our budget as low as possible as we`re still planning a big wedding day in x


small wedding marquee 25 a 30 guests 2nd october


hi, we are having our wedding reception in our garden. we would like a tent/marquee/gazebo to provide shelter (sun or rain!) and a few tables and chairs (for 50ish people). on 20th july x thanks.


hi, we have just come across your details and are looking to hire a marquee for our wedding on friday 28th of august x the wedding will be taking place at our family home in burniston and we will be having around 80-85 guests for the whole day. we are looking to hire a marquee and also round or trestle tables, chairs, lighting inside, a bar and a smaller catering area. it would be great to hear further details of your availability, costings and logistics and looking forward to hearing from you! best, kate


dear all,we are looking for a heated marquee for our wedding. the ceremony will be in a church but we will use the marquee for the meal and dance. it will be hosted at gordonstoun on the 29th of december x we.will have 60 guests for the meal and x for the evening.could you please let me know whether you are available and your prices?many thanks


hi,we are getting married next september (25.09.2019) and will be inviting 80 people (maximum number of people attending-not confirmed) we want to have an autumn themed/coloured wedding.we want a seated ceremony that can happen indoors or outdoors depending on the weather on the day. we would like the guest tables in circle,s but maybe having ours as a long rectangle at the front. could you let us know what equipment/decorations you provide?i look forward to hearing back from you.many thanksjames


hello,i am enquiring about quotes for a wedding for x looking for any dates between may till mid august, on a friday or saturday. there would be x guests for a sit down meal. thank you in advance,caroline tomley


hi, I am looking for a marquee for my wedding to fit around 80 people, mostly standing with some chairs and tables. we will require suitable flooring and lighting but no decoration is required. the marquee will be situated on grass and an electricity point is available. it is essential for at least one side to include windows to make the most of the views. we will require the marquee for 2 full days, in order to decorate in the afternoon/evening before the wedding, and clean up the morning after. we will need it erected by midday on the 16th aug x and can be taken down midday on the 18th aug x the wedding is taking place at paddock bark weddings, town yeat, kendal la8 8dn.many thanks, any approximate quotes would be greatly appreciated, please contact by email -marc.


hi, we were wondering if there was any spaces that you know of or landowners in and around aldeburgh that would rent land out to put a marquee for a wedding?? looking at june x for 120-160 guests. thanks.